We went on our first fossil hunt with the group last week. Couldn’t meet a nicer friendlier bunch of people. They took time to answer questions, explain the geology, and even managed to find us a dinosaur footprint or two to top the day off. 

michele taylor

It has been fantastic to find such a friendly and inclusive community sharing their passion for fossils. I have met UKAFH members of all ages who range from complete beginners through to those who have decades of experience. I joined with zero knowledge and found UKAFH a great environment to discover more about palaeontology, where […]


Good group with a real sense of a community within fossil hunting that is often missing from similar fields, with interested people being scattered around the UK. 

Callum Elder

What a joy to find sonomee else who thinks this way. 


Brilliant group which welcomes all abilities and ages. The magazine which is published by members of the group is a pleasure to receive and read. Well done to all. Andrew Great group


Until I joined UKAFH I was a lone collector only going to easily accessible sites with a restricted range to collect. Now we have access to great sites with only Club access allowed. The Meets are run very legally, Safely , knowledgeably and with a great bunch of other members from all walks of life […]

David Bunyan

these guys are great as without them l know of no other site to help the amateur fossil collector to go to under is hobby in a plain and easy to understand way . plus a back up of equipment to buy at a reasonable price . david smith

David Smith

UKAFH is the de-facto group to goto in the UK if you are interested in anything palaeontological, with a broad range of expertise and friendly people I can not think of a better group to spend time adventuring and fossil hunting with! Photojournalist, Paleontologist

Matt Holmes

A “user friendly” group of people with a wide range of expertise.

Andy Temple

What I like about UKAFH is that people of all ages and all levels of knowledge and experience are welcomed. As an enthusiastic amateur it is great to have contact with those who know much more!

Carole Smith

UKAFH is excellent! Regular fossil hunts arranged to different parts of the UK with a friendly and very knowledgeable group of people.

Tim O’Hare

A fun group of people and interesting fossil hunts all over the country. I wish them all the success in the future and hope the group grows 🙂


Fun and family friendly group. Their members have plenty of field experience and a remarkable knowledge of the geology and paleontology of Britain. Great community! Glad to have found them!


friendly group of people always willing to help a novice fossil hunter.:)

Chris Lloyd