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Slippery surfaces/ rough terrain

It is likely during the field trip that participants will be required to walk on/over loose, slippery rocks or shingle. Green algae or sea weed may be covering the rocks, If so, this will increase the risk of slipping underfoot

Falling rocks

All cliffs are liable to partial or large -scale collapse without warning. Individual boulders or large sections of the cliff face may fall

Close proximity to cliff edge

Participants will be in close proximity to the cliff edge at some sections


Inclement weather can potentially reduce visibility and cause issues with foothold

Changes in surface level and steps

Changes to the height of the path route to access the site and within the site itself may present difficulty to some individuals.

Other members of the public

Other members of the public may be affected by the presence of a large field trip. They may become threatening or abusive.

Dogs and wild animals

Whilst we don’t allow dogs on events, general members of the public’s dogs, as well as farm animals such as cows when crossing fields, and wild animals such as deer do all pose a risk.

Use of hammer, chisels and other tools

It is likely that participants will require the use of a hammer & chisel to extract fossils. There is a risk of injury from striking fingers, as well as rock fragments being ejected at speed from the point of impact

Tidal or deep water

Participants are likely to come in contact with water/sea water during the hunt. The presence of water poses a risk of drowning no matter how deep.

Vehicles and car parks

The car parking areas and roadsides may involve a lot of vehicle movement.


We the undersigned have assessed the activity and the associated risks and declare that the risks will be controlled by the methods listed. Those participating in the work have read the assessment.

Email To Attendees Text


In order to protect all members of the group and staff ALL ATTENDEES must stay 2m+ apart at all times. The only exception to this rule is between attendees who come from the same household. Please advise leaders when registering if you are from the same household so we are aware. ALL ATTENDEES are required to bring suitable hand sanitiser and carry it with them throughout the event and use it as required. Briefings by UKAFH leaders may be shorter for safety reasons and we will not be handing round examples of fossils or handling specimens on the day. Leaders have the discretion to ask members to leave is they are not following these rules.

Participants must not attend if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into close contact with anyone who has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of the event.
These items must be worn to enable UKAFH to comply with the public liability insurance stipulations. Regretfully, participants will not be accepted on this event should the above equipment not be worn.

WE RUN A TWO STRIKE POLICY: A few members are signing up for events and not turning up. We understand that from time to time, there may be valid and very good reason, but failing to notify us in advance, and repeatedly not turning up is unfair to others who could have come to the event when events are full and is unfair on leaders and other members who have to wait around wondering if people are going to turn up. This includes being turned away for not having the correct PPE, which will be classed as a no-show. Fail to turn up twice, and your membership will be ceased without refund as our terms have been broken. If you cannot make this event, you MUST notify our main office, sales@ukge.com.
We have produced a handy document, which contains information such as what fossils can be found, where to find then, the geology of the site and other useful info.

The hand out can be found here: