Monmouth Beach, Dorset

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September 6


01:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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UKAFH and UK Fossils


Beachy Head

Eastbourne, BN20 0AE

Eastbourne, England, GB, BN20 0AE

There are similar zones at Chippel Bay to the Lias of Church Cliffs. Ammonites and reptile remains can be found on the foreshore, but you need a good scour to find any decent fossils. Bones of ichthyosaurs and other reptiles can be found on the foreshore. These are fairly rare and beach scouring is often needed to be successful. They come from a bed that is beneath the level of the beach, so you will not be able to find these by directly digging into the cliffs. The hard limestone from the Blue Lias contains many ammonites and, sometimes, very large, complete nautiluses. The ammonites and nautiluses can reach over 0.5m in diameter. In fact, some of the largest and best Blue Lias finds have come from Chippel Bay. However, this bed is extremely hard and a cliff fall is required to find anything. Trace fossils and worn parts of ammonites scatter the beach (especially Psiloceras and Coroniceras). Within the limestone bands, brachiopods (Calcirhynchia calcarea) and oysters (Gryphaea arcuata) can be found.

* Suitable for children 6+ (All children must be accompanied by an adult).
* HARD HATS (Not Cycle Helmets), HIGH VISIBILITY VESTS or jacket essential. We do not provide these, but you can add these when ordering if needed.

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