Event Terms and Conditions


I Agree to read the risk assessment that outlines the common dangers you should be aware of before agreeing to attend the fossil hunt. There may be other unforeseen dangers not described. Bad weather conditions may also increase the extent of risks. The risk assessment document is available to download in the event description.
Your safety is our main concern during any UKAFH, UK Fossils, event. Before you attend any of the fossil hunts, it is vitally important that you understand the dangers you may come across and how to avoid them. The majority of the time, fossil hunting is reasonably safe; however, like many recreational activities it’s not possible to exclude all danger.
Productive fossil hunting locations tend to be in areas where erosion levels are high. In these areas you are likely to be faced with unpredictable terrain, e.g. slippery surfaces, falling rocks, steep drops, unstable surface and areas prone to isolation by the incoming tide.
On our fossil hunts we aim to minimise the risk to all of those taking part. Prevailing weather conditions and unpredictable terrain may mean the planned route is changed on the day. Any changes to the planned route will be agreed in discussion with the group at the time.
If you or any persons accompanying you has a medical condition that may increase their personal risk, please inform us in writing prior to the fossil hunt.
Anyone under the age of 18 years is defined as a young person and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Please ensure that you check the suitability of all sites as stated on the website before signing young people up. Also please ensure you follow the Young Person PPE rules.


As you would expect, UKAFH hold Public Liability Insurance that will cover members against claims arising out of negligence being made and subsequently in a court of law, by third parties. Our Liability policy is through Tennyson Insurance.


You must be 18 or over to register for UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE events. If you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by an individual aged 18 or over who is willing to act on your behalf and accept responsibility for your safety. Children and families are welcome (on family friendly events) when accompanied by the adult who registered the places and accepts responsibility for their safety and actions. Children must be supervised at all times by their parents or guardian carers


As with any location, we cannot guarantee you will find any fossil(s). We will always run events in locations which are well known to yield fossils, but our events are ‘Fossil Hunts’. This means you will be hunting for fossils, it does not mean you will always find them.
Many of the locations visited are geologically and environmentally sensitive with specific guidelines and laws (SSSI) affecting the activities that are undertaken there. We ask all participants to respect the locations visited and avoid causing damage to the sites. On some of the hunts e.g. quarries: Fossils can be found in situ, the UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE team will give guidance on the day how to remove them. In coastal locations, fossil collecting will be concentrated on the loose material on the beach foreshore. We will be keeping members away from the cliffs due to the risk of rock falls and the constant erosion that takes place in these exposed locations.
We ask that all members act responsibly throughout the fossil hunt and avoid causing unnecessary disturbance to other members of the group and the general public. Should your actions result in disturbance or injury to a member of the group or the public, (whether they are part of the fossil hunt or not) you agree to take complete responsibly. Responsible fossil collecting, at all of our fossil hunts is a must. Please only take enough specimens for your own personal collection. Commercial collecting of any kind of over collecting will result in a life-time ban from UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE.
*See fossil hunting code and Scottish fossil hunting on http://www.ukfossils.co.uk


UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE will not accept responsibility for personal property of anyone attending the fossil hunt. You understand that any personal property used or carried with you, left in vehicles or at any other location is done so at your own personal risk. You should also know that if your actions, or the actions of anyone who joins you, causes damage to the property of UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE, any third parties, the land owner or another member of the fossil hunting group, or general public, are solely your responsibility.


The following declaration is provided to make clear that you are responsible for your personal safety and to exclude the UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE event team leaders from liability in the event of an accident or injury during the fossil hunt. By attending a UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE fossil hunt, you take full responsibility for your own safety and anyone that accompanies you on our fossil hunts.
UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE events are as safe as we can possibly make them, there are potential hazards in the locations visited that could result in serious injury or death. By agreeing to participate in a fossil hunt, you are confirming to have read and understood the hazards outlined in the disclosure provided. We also advise that you do a little research of your own before attending the event.
UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE undertake a reconnaissance visit of sites visited and undertake a risk assessment for each visit.
Due to the fossil hunting being outdoor events, UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE cannot control the weather conditions. By attending the fossil hunting event you agree to continually assess the weather and environment and make personal judgement whether to proceed with the UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE leader on the event.


Please be aware that we will be taking photos during the event for the website. By attending a fossil hunt, you agree that any photo’s of yourself or members of the group can be used on UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE social media and website. If you would like a copy of any of the photo’s, please contact UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE via email.
If you don’t want to have your photo featured on our social networking sites, please inform a member of UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE BEFORE the event. We cannot guarantee you will not be in any photo shots, but we will try hardest to avoid this.


UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE have the right to cancel or reschedule a fossil hunts and will aim to give as much notice as possible. In the unlikely event of cancellation, all registered participants will be notified by email and offered to join alternative fossil hunts or a refund. If a fossil hunt is cancelled on the day of the event due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, UKAFH, UK Fossils, UKGE will not accept responsibility for any additional costs or inconvenience resulting from the cancellation.
This event is non-refundable if your place cannot be filled, but can be transferable with the discretion of management. If you cannot attend, please notify us as soon as possible so we can notify anyone in our waiting list. Refunds will only be given once a place is filled. Card processing fees and Eventbrite fees are completely non refundable.
For UKAFH subscription based members, failure to turn up to an event without prior notification, at least 48 hours in advance may result in the termination of your membership without refund.