The new name of UKAFH

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We are pleased to announce we have changed the full title name of UKAFH. The new name “UK Association of Fossil Hunters’ works much better for the group than amateurs. We are always a family friendly group aimed at all levels, not just amateurs. We welcome beginners, and professionals too and of course amateurs will always remain closest to our group.

After much thought, we feel Association goes much better with who we are, and also retains our UKAFH abbreviated name!

So we welcome you to the UK Association of Fossil Hunters

Announcement – NEW PATRON – Dick Mol

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I am absolutely delighted to announce, a new Patron for UKAFH. I have known Dick Mol for many years now, and indeed he has visited us on a few occasions including to fossil collect at some of our local Mammoth sites. Before UKAFH was even born, Dick Mol always spoke of the shame that no true Amateur fossil group existed in the UK, unlike the Netherlands. He always told me, “In the Netherlands, Amateurs and Professionals work side by side”.

Dick Mol is world famous for Mammoths, and has recently been made president of the WPZ (Werkgroep Pleistocene Zoogdieren). Their opening website statement is “Our remarkable key factor is that amateur and professional palaeontologists work closely together”. He is most widely known from the Discovery Channel Documentaries such as “Raising the Mammoth’ and the boats he uses to Trawl hundreds of bones from the North Sea.

We all know that Amateurs are the biggest contributor to science, the ones that get out in the field and find the fossils! Dicks comments is the sole reason why I personally backed UKAFH in its early days, the reason I have today agreed to take over UKAFH and the reason I believe we need UKAFH to continue to grow to become a driving force in UK Palaeontology.

I therefore cannot think of anyone more fitting than Dick Mol, as a Patron for UKAFH.

Alister Cruickshanks