UKAFH visit to Golden Cap, 9th of February 2019

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IMG_3719On Saturday the 9th of February UKAFH visited Golden Cap on Dorsets Jurassic coast. We met at the car park at Seatown and then headed to the beach where UKAFH leader Steve Snowball gave us an informative talk on the stratigraphy of the fossil rich area that we were about to hunt and a overview of the Jurassic coast.


As a group we then began the long walk over the pebble beach to the fossil rich clays which can be found at the base of the landslides at Golden cap. Before we reached our intended hunting grounds one member found this fantastic ammonite from the Junction bed (more commonly known from the other side of the bay – towards Thorncombe beacon)


Upon reaching the the base of Golden cap many members began finding Tragophyloceras and Androgynoceras ammonites, crinoids, bivalves, gastropods and belemnites from the fossil rich Green ammonite beds, we also found a few nodules containing ammonites.


Some collected clays to look through after the hunt for micro fossils – resulting in some very tiny gastropods – Coelodiscus and Tatediscus.


We had a great time at Golden Cap – we hope you all enjoyed it too, thanks to all who came.

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