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God, I haven’t posted a single entry since august at least. I have all these images to post, but none of them have yet made their way on here- been so busy with one thing and another (College mostly). I was planning to start writing articles again by the start of December at latest, but then got tied down by exams and Christmas shopping ( I must be broke by now).

In Any case, I’ve got some articles in the works at the moment, but I would like to ask UKAFH members for ideas on subject material; essentially, what do you guys want to know about fossils. Also, I would be happy to answer any questions or hear any ideas you may have read about- as well as what you have found.

Recently, I went on the Carboniferous hunt at Buxton (came back with a rather badly- damaged Stromatolite, two nicely preserved coiled Gastropods, and GAZILLIONS of Productid Brachiopods, but anyway, moving on), but could not make it to any of the other recent hunts. Would anybody who has been on the other within the last month or two mind telling me about how it all went?

I shall try to post some images shortly, but they will only show up as a link on the blog- for some reason, that’s all it can manage (I’ll make a mental note to ask Craig about it soon). However, if you click on them, it should take you straight to the images anyway.

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