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Hey all. Sorry that I haven’t done much with the blog for just over two weeks now. Was away searching for Cretaceous Ammonites and Belemnites in the French Alps. The site itself, as far as I know, isn’t known at all outside of France, and even the French themselves don’t usually go there for the fossils either.

It isn’t, at first glance, the most abundant of fossil sites, partly because the number of outcrops there is limited, and partly due to the heavy degrees of pressure that the rocks were exposed to during the uplift of the Alps region in the Tertiary.

However, if you take the time, say a few hours, to look and prospect, you turn up a few nifty pieces.

I won’t reveal particular details of the site or its name just yet, as I intend to write a full article on these  French fossil cephalopods which will appear around the end of this year.

For anyone who might like to hear about it sooner than this, I am sorry. It’s taking time to process all the finds, photograph them individually, give them dates and names, add them to a database, and identify them to genus and/ or species level. Also, I cannot go back to the location until December at the earliest, as that’s when I’m booked to go back.

Anyway, I’ll be trying to swell UKAFH members with at least a few articles before then.

– I’m planning to write one on Northern Ireland sometime in the next few weeks. :)

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